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Chronic illness and it's relationship with trauma, it is not all in your head!

I want to dedicate this space to exploring the relationship between trauma and chronic illness.  If you are someone who suffers with chronic health issues and you are thinking, no not me,  I don´t have trauma; I would recommend you to look at it a little bit closer, It might not be quite what you think it is.   I have written a basic description here.  I do not believe there is always a straight path to becoming chronically ill nor do I believe there is a straight path to healing chronic illness, everybody has a unique path and are exposed to various things in life, epigenetics, viruses, stress etc. However, I believe that working on our traumas/wounds and connecting the mind, body, and spirit and working with the latest neuroscience can actively make a difference to our health and wellbeing.

The blog focuses on areas that I love to "geek out " on, such as the nervous system, neuroscience, attachment theory, consciousness, spirituality, and anything else that feels like a fit.  

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