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Hello and welcome to my site

I would like to tell you a little bit about my background and how it led me to where I am today.  From a young age I have been passionate about the fields of Psychology, Health and Wellbeing. I am trained as a Health Psychologist and a Clincal Psychotherapist and have studied various healing therapies over the years.


After finishing my first degree in Psychology I went on to work in the area of Human Resource Management. I enjoyed my work, however, after a while I started to feel that this area of work was not my true calling. So I decided to take a break and I took the decision to leave my job and take off on a trip around the world. Eventually after a year and a half of wonderful travelling I decided not to return to the UK where I am from, but to start a new life and move to the beautiful Mediterranean town of Sitges, in the Barcelona area of Spain.

The sun, sea and a healthy diet helped me to appreciate a way new way of life. But then in 2008 more or less out of the blue, I started to become sick. I had had some chronic back problems for a few years, due to a minor car accident. But suddenly the pain got worse, it spread across my whole body and it became unbearable.

When everything changed

After, many years of visiting various doctors and therapists and spending a lot of money I was really not finding any real solutions to my health issues. I had been working as a massage and holistic therapist and during this time Ironically my body started to weaken, I eventually fell into a state of severe chronic fatigue. This was so debilitating that it took many years to build up my stamina. For a long time I was virtually bed ridden, I could barely walk or concentrate on anything. From here along with my pain and fatigue a variety of new symptoms developed, such as digestive issues, bacterial infections and allergies (the list goes on…) and finally I was diagnosed with something called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A syndrome that to this day is not really well understood.

It was at this point that I knew I needed to turn my own health around and it was going to be down to me to do it. This was an opportunity to pull upon all of my studies in psychology and wellbeing and truly apply them to myself. Over these years I have experimented with psychological therapies, changed my diet and my approach to life and I have worked with various healing professionals. My healing process has been gradual and has required a lot of dedication and to this day I continue to work on my overall wellbeing.  As part of my healing journey I have found the area of Mind Body Medicine of great support to me. After taking up mindfulness meditation 12 years ago, I found that my pain diminished dramatically and my mood lifted.  I realised in this experience that facing my symptoms directly within the body was critical to my psychological and physical health.  This revelation to me led me to go on to study mind body medicine at Harvard University and then other Somatic based Psychotherapies which I now use frequently in my practice.  I believe that the mind, body and spirit are one and therefore therapy should consider all of these factors.

Once I started to get well I was sure of my path, I want to help others on their path to wellbeing too.

Having always had a passion for psychology and health, my personal experience of illness led me to want to help others on their path to wellbeing too. My passion is to bring my professional and personal experience to my clients. I work as a Psychotherapist in Sitges and Barcelona and over Skype and I write my blog to try and help others to thrive. 


To know more about my qualifications and the services that I offer, please follow these links to My Qualifications and My Services.

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