"When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome several years ago, I found it difficult to find the support I needed at the time.  I went from doctors to healers, diets to supplements and I spent a LOT of time online, browsing what the rest of the world was saying about this mysterious illness.  I was desperate to be "cured".  I am sure some of the pills I took did help, however, eventually I could see that this incessant searching outside for answers, led me to feel overwhelmed and this was not helping my healing journey.  I decided on a new approach.
I started meditation and somatic yoga and I began connecting to two things my wiser inner voice (what I call my spiritual self) and the unspoken voice of my body.  It was only when I went inside and spent time with my "suffering" that my illness really started to transform, the pain started to fade and I as a person started to grow.    This is fundamental in how I work with my clients today, to truly and safely go within to explore and transform suffering into healing and growth.   I do not believe there is a straight path to healing our suffering, everybody has a unique path.  However, I think that working on our traumas/wounds, and connecting the mind, body and spirit  are key pieces in the puzzle.  This blog focusses on all the areas that I love to "geek out " on, neuroscience, trauma, consciousness,  spirituality, quantum physics and anything else that feels like a fit.