An exercise in learning to say NO!

This is an exercise to help raise self-esteem by addressing the difficulty in saying NO to others. The aim of the exercise is to encourage you to stay faithful to yourself and to your needs and wishes.

The exercise helps you to bring to your conscious mind the situations where you would like to say no, but often don´t and it asks you to look behind the reasons as to why you say no, so that you can work on turning things around.

List the things you would like to say NO to:


1, I want to say no when someone asks me to do something that takes advantage of me.

2, I want to say no when somebody makes me feel small.

3, My friend always asks me to drive on a night out, I want to say NO.

Now that you have your list, take a moment to reflect on these questions and answer them with honesty.

  • What needs do you forget when you say yes but want to say no?

  • What do you fear is going to happen if you say no?

  • How do you feel when you are not loyal towards yourself?

  • What consequences do you experience when you say yes?

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